Drought on Draught

Another possible drought victim will be the tasty CA beer I love so much.

Sipping on the dock of the Bay. Oakland, 2012

Sipping on the dock of the Bay. Oakland, 2012

One popular brewery, Lagunitas in Petaluma, recently announced that they may not get access to the tasty Russian River water that we know and love. The switch t groundwater will be a tough one, but Lagunitas at least has the reverse osmosis capability to strip groundwater of off minerals and replenish it with mineral composition like the river’s.

Other breweries in the area don’t have such capabilities, but hopefully the community could work together to help each other out. I know the Oakland beer community at least works together for that kind of stuff–many raised money to get Commonwealth back on its feet after a fire.

I don’t whether that cult-favorite Pliny the Younger would be affected next year. Russian River Brewing might also be big enough to have reverse osmosis equipment.

Until we know more, get that stuff while it’s still on the shelf and still a normal price!



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