Between the (Cookie) Sheets

I hesitate labeling myself as a “foodie.” I think Yelp lead me to find it douchey. Don’t get me wrong; I used to use it. No more.

That said, I certainly love food blogs and magazines. Like my dad. Bon Appetit was probably his favorite. I used to associate it with impossibly difficult food. To this day, I feel a special pride when I tackle their recipes.

Before learning how to cook, in my 30’s, I also got a journalism degree. Therefore, I also feel a special pride when our own “paper of record” writes about things I already knew or already do. This week, their food column professed its love to my most-used cookwear…the cookie sheet. Half sheet pan, to be more specific.

What haven’t I made with these? Yes, I have two. Cookies are the least of this pan’s duties.

I’ll roast salmon and broccoli florets TOGETHER:

Image(425, 16-18 minutes)

I’ll make crunchy chickpea snacks:

Image (Suck it, Cornuts)

I’ll make croutons with leftover sour or rustic baguettes:


Or a spatchcocked chicken and vegetables:

Image(I love spatchcocked birds. Doesn’t he look like he’s doing the can can?!)

And, of course, a sheet-sized cookie:

Image(The pan-sized cookie recipe on the bag of Toll House is portioned for a Jelly Roll pan, which is smaller. 50% more ingredients will work in a sheet pan.)

Thank you, NYTimes, for validating my love of the humble sheet pan.


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